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    Rumor Mill Time!

    Devil Mingy
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    Rumor Mill Time! Empty Rumor Mill Time!

    Post  Devil Mingy on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:35 pm

    Interesting if true. However, it's easy to make up an article. Some pics (a la the Morello leaks in Reach) would've went a long way.

    Still, no use discounting anything quite yet.

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    Rumor Mill Time! Empty Re: Rumor Mill Time!

    Post  DarkReign2021 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:19 pm

    It definitely sounds convincing enough, but than anybody can write a convincing summary when you don't mention any details of the new and only mention the pre-established details. The true test is coming up with something that sounds completely unique, but immediately "belongs" in the franchise.

    That said, I'm definitely going to keep this piece in the back of my mind. No reason to discard it yet. From what I've read, ONI has some explaining to do. Also, the fact that there are apparently already UNSC soldiers on this "Sigma 7" installation and the mention of a Warthog with Anti-Grav technology installed , that would suggest a high likelihood that 343 may attempt to tie in the Spirit of Fire with the main series. I've got high hopes that they tie in the Master Chief with H3's Mendicant Bias, Ghosts of Onyx's survivors, Halo Wars Spirit of Fire, Cryptum's Prisoner and Reach's Datapad A.I council into a single game.

    If the description is to be believed, it sounds like they're going for a more narrative experience unlike anything we've ever seen in an FPS before. While I tend to disbelieve words like "unprecendented" and "never before seen", it's a sign that they're definitely going to push this next game to be more just a war against Aliens.

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