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    Devil Mingy
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    E3 Discussion Empty E3 Discussion

    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:19 am

    So, with Halo 4 and Halo HD all but confirmed already, it looks like a Bungie-less E3 will not be a Halo-less E3. Prematurely, I just hope that Halo HD is in good hands. Sabre Interactive is a very hated name to me.

    I'll update when the show actually begins. Just a little over an hour to go. As with the last few E3s I've watched live, I'll be keeping notes, so I'll probably post a nice write-up for everything (especially if Gears of War Exile makes an appearance).


    Metal Gear collection is nice, but why Peace Walker and not the first game? Peace Walker sucked Sad

    Silent Hill collection. Once again, why no Silent Hill 1? Are there that many collections that deliberately leave off the beginning (and arguably best) installments? And since you're including crappy portable spinoffs in the Metal Gear collection, where is Origins? At least give us Homecoming.

    Zone of Enders. Nice to see this series remade.

    No sign of MGS: Rising. That's probably a good sign, but I'm not sure.


    EDIT 1: MS conference is over. Writeup is posted, pending cleanup. Awaiting EA conference.

    EDIT 2: EA conference is over. Writeup is posted. Awaiting Ubisoft.

    EDIT 3: Ubisoft conference is over. Writeup is posted. Awaiting Sony.

    EDIT 4: Sony conference is over. Writeup is posted. Awaiting Nintendo

    EDIT 5: Nintendo Conference is over. Writeup is posted.

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    Devil Mingy
    Devil Mingy

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    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:19 pm

    Positively exciting. While Gears Exile is still a no-show, Halo fans have a lot to cherish.

    Halo HD

    It looks good. Definitely in Reach engine and with some Halo 1 classic maps being made for Reach (by Certain Affinity, I believe) and, if IGN is to be believed, with Firefight. Only 7 of Halo's 13 maps are being remade? I suppose it makes sense, given that we don't need another Blood Gulch. I hope it controls well. Don't screw up, Sabre.

    And Halo 4... so many questions to ask. A friend of mine is hoping for a more personal Halo story. He may get his wish.

    Other impressions (NOTE: These are simply thoughts I scribbled down while watching. they may seem unfocused)

    Modern Warfare 3- Frost- Delta force. The leak is definitely true
    Please reconnect controller lol
    MW3 literally plays itself. Is the guy even doing anything?
    Cutting it short!? In the interest of time!? Why show us the slow opening crap if they were short on time!?
    Is there anything here not stolen from MW2?
    Well, at least MW3 looks nice. Not much else to say about it
    Don Mattrick welcomes all
    Tomb Raider reboot, looks very nice. Uncharted-esque
    Intruguing experience, but Samus in Other M didn't talk to herself this much
    A hell of a lot of QTEs, release fall 2012
    Peter Moore, I missed you
    *sigh* Kinect support for EA Sports and Sims 3
    Mass Effect 3. It took 4 years to make Mass Effect 1?
    ME3 with kinect support!? This better be optional.
    Graphics wise, looks the same. Mordin is back
    Just voice commands with Kinect? glad to see they're using the best feature
    nice new melee system. More at EA Conference
    Why use voice controls when you get faster and better responses with the D-pad?
    Ghost Recon: future soldier. Looks to take all the tactics out of the game
    Body tracking and voice commands with Kinect
    Kinect weapon customization. A gimmick that exists so kinct has something to do
    Marc Whitten is back, new GUI. Wasn't this comething kinect was supposed to do earlier?
    Youtube, Bing, IPTV coming to Xbox Live. UFC partnership with Xbox Live
    Phil Spencer announces all future stuff is exclusive.
    Gears of War 3, marketplace trailer. Cliffy B comes to stage.
    ICE T to play Gears with Cliffy B. Lambent Leviathan
    Silverback Mechs. Ticker bombing run on Lambent Leviathan
    Horde morde... ICE T writing a song.
    kinect based Crytek game, Ryse
    Halo Hd with remade campaign and multiplayer. Looks nice, done in Reach engine.
    Forza 4, with Kinect head tracking. Another fairly useless feature
    Molyneux... ugh. Fable: The Journey with Kinect support in 2012.
    Fable is going dark and edgy... a rail shooter!?
    Kinect carriage riding. Feel the excitement!
    Phil Spencer back to premiere Minecraft with Kinect
    M$-Disney alliance: disneyland adventure. Really?
    Kids on stage again. Good lord
    It's all the fun of going to Disneyland in your living room! I'd rather go to virtual Disney world myself
    What the hell did I just watch?
    Star Wars Kinect. Pod racing, lightsaber, driving, and swoop biking.
    If you have to swing that wildly, I'd be worn out in 15 minutes
    Okay, using Kinect as force powers is kinda awesome
    Looks a hell of a lot better than Fable: The Journey, but it's still just waving your arms around the screen
    Tim Schafer making a Sesame Street game.
    Very lifelike family, indeed. This is a good idea for a kid's game
    Kinect Fun :Labs... sounds very stilted
    "Become your avatar"
    Oh god. It looks hideous! Uncanny valley
    Fingertracking, MS paint with Kinect.
    Object capture. Finally adding this feature
    AHHHH Kill it with fire!
    Available today!!
    Kinect Sports 2... so original
    It's like Wii sports and Madden 2006 came out this year
    Dance Central 2
    John Matrick is back. Good year coming up.
    Halo 4. Woot! Looks very intense

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    E3 Discussion Empty Re: E3 Discussion

    Post  DarkReign2021 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:04 pm

    Halo Anniversary: Looks good. Being spearheaded by 343i directly instead of Saber, so that's a good thing. From what we've seen, it looks like they're also striving to keep the campaign the same as the original by just updating models instead of changing the level design. Updating with Halo: Reach features like assassinations (won't see any complaints from me unless they add Armor Abilities. Anything outside of sprint and maybe the Jetpack could really mess up the game.) Not sure if they'll be adding new additions like Brutes, drones, and all of the new vehicles/weapons. but it does look like they're using the new rank and armor system of the Elites from Reach.

    I'm a little bit concerned about the graphics. The environments look great and it'll be neat to see how beautiful the new world is, but the weapons look like they went back to their old designs and the Mark V armor looks like complete crap (why not just use the Mk V variant model from Reach?) I'm not usually a stickler for graphics, but the MJOLNIR and weapons look oddly proportioned and the engine really doesn't seem to like the style that that they're using. It also may just be the scenes we saw, but this also looked rather dark and bleak. Since half of the levels were really well lit, I hope this isn't a consistent issue. On top of that, I'm hoping this is just temporary filler content, but why are they still using the sound effects from Halo 1? Was the sound built around the footage or was the footage built around the audio from a pre-existing trailer?

    Also, only 7 maps? Why not remaster all of H1's maps? Or better yet, since we're celebrating the Halo SERIES being 10 years old, why not do a compilation of all of the best maps in the whole series (or just remaster Halo 1 and 2 as a bundle. Any MP compliation is going to consist of 90% Halo 2 maps, 8% Halo: CE maps, and maybe 1 or 2 maps each from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

    Sadly enough, no mention of Firefight. I'm thinking this one is going to be nixed. Depending on whether they keep the H1 AI or not, this probably wouldn't work anyway. (For that matter, would Reach's A.I even work properly in the Halo 1 level design? It would probably break everything we know about the original game (be a nice change challenge-wise, but it could be harmful at some points.)

    Halo 4: Not really much to say there except "When the fuck did the chief get a thruster pack?!" The cinematic looks good. Be nice if that was how the final game looked, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Can't wait to find out who the enemies are in this game. With the Covenant all but crippled, I imagine they're role will be minor, if at all present. My guess is, due to 343's obvious interest as proven by Cryptum, they will be focusing heavily on the Forerunner, Precursors, and the Flood. Definitely excited to learn more of the first two if so and here's hoping they can fix the flood enough to be fun to fight as a primary enemy without completely destroying what it is they're supposed to be.

    Anyway, as for the rest of the show:

    MW3: About as interesting as the last 5 CoD games. In other words, I won't even be renting them. Boring as hell.

    Tomb Raider: Looks amazing. Definitely can't wait to see this retooled imagining of the series. I'm a big fan of the QTE concept in the right genre and if it's done right to begin with (Indigo Prophecy, Shenmue II, and RE4 all did a great job, for instance.) The only bad kind of QTE in a game like this would be a "Mash [] button repeatedly."

    EA Sports: Blah blah blah. Don't play them. Never have. Don't care. Moving on.

    Mass Effect 3: Sexy. Can't wait to immerse myself into the new worlds. Kinect functionality looks ok. Will become redundant saying what the screen says, though, I would rather just say something like L1-L3 and R1-R3 for each of the six slots. Be a lot faster. Probably wont use it much, but I'll definitely be using the squad commands. Seems like it could be effective if used right. Certainly no worse than Rainbow Six was.

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier: Meh. Lost my interest in Ghost Recon after GRAW. The first game (with the first person view) was my favorite in the series and I wish they would go back to making games like that for the series. SOCOM has sadly taken the genre back over.

    XBL interface and features: I like the additional voice command support and will definitely be using it to my advantage. If they give the Kinect control of the full 360 dashboard so I can access all of my features like games, movies, music, and marketplace, than I would definitely like an option to load up my 360 to the Kinect dashboard directly. Voice commands will definitely make my lazy days more... lazy.

    YouTube, although unnecessary since I already own a Smart Phone and a laptop, will still prove to be useful from time to time. Bigger screen and superior sound system than my laptop obviously. Plus it'll be nice not having to download all of the trailers from the marketplace (especially since half of the content out there doesn't even show up online.)

    As for everything else, big deal. I may or may not drop my current cable plan for Hulu in the future if I can get all of the networks I want in one small package, but otherwise I'm just not interested in any of it.

    Gears of War 3: Looks like... Gears of War 3. Everything is as should be expected. If you're crazy about GoW3, you'll love it. I'm not that big a fan, so I'll wait for it to come down in price or just rent it and knock out the Campaign quickly and be rid of it. Multiplayer and Horde Mode just don't interest me.

    Forza 4:... is Forza 4. Played the first two. Would rather play Blur or Burnout personally. Got Forza 3 with my 360 slim and never even took it out of the plastic. Will definitely be passing this one up.

    Fable: The Journey: Seriously? Another Fable? With every game they release they slip further and further away from "the right direction." I can feel the series wanting to be something great, but at this point I'm honestly sick of Hobbes, Bonewalkers, Heros, and the old blind Seer that WON'T. FUCKING. DIE! (Seriously, she's been in the series since the first game! There was a 500 year separation between Fable 1 and 2 alone.) And now they're putting it on Rails and have you driving carriages? Unless they come out with a new IP or release Black & White for the 360, I'm done with Lionhead.

    Disneyland Adventure: Fun for kids... I don't have kids. Moving on.

    Star Wars Kinect: To quote Wrex "Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining.' They're joking about this presentation, right? Lets go down the list: It's on rails, the graphics look like a PS2 Launch title, the force powers look to be minimal and anti-climactic, the storyline is seemingly just a rehash of the movies instead of anything original, and fighting involves kicking enemies and slashing with your lightsaber in a Star Wars: Episode 4 manner. Whatever happen to the twirling blades of glowing death and the awesome jumping, flipping, dodging, etc... And the Lightsaber isn't even in real-time. It's like Red Steel all over again. After enjoying the Force Unleashed series, this is a downgrade I just can't handle. Just give me my goddamn Battlefront 3 and KOTOR 3 and call it a job well done.

    Sesame Street: Definitely another kids games and I still don't have any kids. Odd that Tim Schafer is doing this when considering his past resume (Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend. Even Costume Hunt and Stacking were still somewhat within his realm. Would've been smarter for him to show off more on Trenched as well. This looks like it will succeed, but he didn't really have the right audience for it to matter.

    Kinect Fun labs: Game = stupid. The fact that object scanning and Finger detection are finally being added is a different story. Thanks to the ability to now make hand signals, this opens up some possibilities for other, more "hardcore" kinect titles in regards to controls and breaking free of the Rail-shooter genre.)

    Kinect Sports 2: Cool. Haven't played the first one yet. May get around to it eventually. If it's good, I might play the second one too.

    Dance Central 2: As long as they fix the detection issues from the first game, I'll probably be getting this. Biggest frustration is trying to do a flawless round and the kinect fails to sense one of your arms even though you did it perfectly.

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    Devil Mingy
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    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:32 pm

    EA is done. Here's my thoughts:

    Mass Effect 3. Earth is fucked
    Lots of Reapers in one city, just like announcement trailer, except more over the world
    March 6th 2012 release
    Very similar to ME2, lots of Cerberus
    Geth blast shields, Normandy takes out the base with Shepard providing a target lock
    Legion located as Tri-poded Reaper arrives. Looks like a Scarab meets a MAWLR
    Vehicle combat, Reaper chasing. Lots of spectacle and huge scale in ME3
    Reapers are pretty resilient, as expected.
    "War for Earth"? Why only Earth?
    Music is definitely pumped up from ME2
    Chancellor Palpatine takes the stage, pimping Origin
    Need For Speed: The Run... looks the same as always
    Wait... out of car action races?
    Since when did Need For Speed become GTA?
    Star Wars: The Old Republic
    I'd still rather have KOTOR 3
    Heh, good luck making all Star Wars fans happy. I'm still trying to figure out why Cloud city is important to the Clone Wars
    Looks nice, I'll give it that. good music, too.
    Sith Empire returns, as does Revan... why?
    Was that Bastila and Malak and Nihilus? Oh whatever
    How about some gameplay footage?
    Enter... forboding blue lights and shakey camera
    Wow, good atmosphere. I'm pretty intrigued
    Oh, just a pretentious, wasted opening for an EXTREME SSX trailer
    January 2012 release
    Peter Moore is back. I still don't forgive him for killing Sega.
    FIFA IS THE BIGGEST SPORTS GAME ON THE PLANET. If you shout it enough, I'll care
    FIFA '12 Like most EA Sports game, looks the same as '11
    EA Sports football (Soccer) club
    Friend based social rankings... yeah, that won't be boosted at all
    Madden '12... yawn... why is this trailer 5 minutes long?
    Balitmore Ravens' Ray Louis, Browns' Payton Hillis, and Super Bowl Packers' Champion Clay Matthews
    New AI, at least they're adding something new
    Palpatine is back out. Sims Social for Facebook
    Makes a dig at Farmville. Somebody's jealous
    What is this I don't even
    Boston Red Sox pitcher, now CEO of 38 Studios, Kurt Shilling
    Reckoning Looks like a Fable clone. Quite the pedigree working on it, though.
    Looks interesting
    Insomniac's first EA backed multiplatform game
    This must hurt Sony so much Overstrike
    Silliness, weird weapons, and big explosions: all the good stuff from Insomniac
    A misfit group of warriors fighting in a near future world.
    I'm getting Unreal 2 vibes from this. Art style reminds me of Perfect Dark Zero
    Battlefield 3 I'm still not quite getting the appeal. It looks very generic. Aesthetically great, but generic
    BF3 multiplayer looks flashy, but we're not shown any mechanics. It could be just like BC2 for all we know
    Another freakin EA hub. why are they acting like this is new? Bungie did it in 2004
    Open beta in September 2011
    Tank combat looks the same as ever. Not sure what the big deal is.
    Hey, Death From Above. We totally haven't seen this done a million times.
    Even Medal of Honor beat you to the punch this time, Battlefield. I'd have stuck with Bad Company
    Realistic looks, terribly jittery character animations
    You know, for as long as this demo is, it's horrifically uninteresting
    It's painfully obvious he's playing in god mode. He's not trying to avoid damage.
    October 25, 2011 release
    9 games by 9 talented teams. Palpatine says it's over for now.

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    Post  Launch on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:59 pm

    I've only watched the Microsoft conference so far, but I wasn't that impressed with most of the stuff. The CE remake looks pretty good and I like how they're not changing the actual gameplay. The graphics toggle is nice too.

    Halo 4 was only a teaser and I doubt the graphics ingame will be like that. The jet pack was weird, and so was the high speed flight through the ship. Still, I'll wait until I see some actual game footage, though I'm looking forward to it.

    There wasn't much else that interested me. I'm going to get Mass Effect 3 although they seem to be making unneccesary changes to it. Why are they trying to make the third game in a trilogy more accessible to new players? Why add Kinect microphone functionality when using the controller is faster? Why add more melee when there's already a close combat class? I hope they don't mess this up.

    And that's it. There was literally nothing else I was interested in by Microsoft.
    Devil Mingy
    Devil Mingy

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    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:19 pm

    Ubisoft Conference


    Ubisoft: celebrating 25 years.
    Yves is a very hard name to pronounce
    Nice beginning montage showing all the good Ubisoft's done
    Rayman creator welcoming Rayman Origin
    Michel Ancel is definitely on drugs
    Team based mechanic, good humor
    2D classic, NSMB style with vibes of the DKCR temple levels, Art style is very Wario Land Wii
    Tetris reference. Colorful environments. Looks pretty fun
    4 player co-op
    Aaron Priceman out to announce to make me feel old
    Charlie Sheen reference... Atari 7800, Master System, and NES jokes
    Pick-up lines from last year... this is excrutiating
    A Wii dick joke in 2011? Really?
    Heh, kinda funny. Driver in 8 bit.
    Driver: Sanfrancisco, allegedly not a GTA clone (could've fooled me)
    "Groundbreaking"... I'll believe it when I see it.
    Dane Hay and Jamie Keen come out to show off Far Cry 3
    Hmmmm looks like Uncharted, only lower res and worse writing
    First person drowning... kinda cool
    Making good use of the Far Cry assets, I see
    Killzone 2-esque cover system and a dynamic melee system
    Decent tactical shooter rendered pointless by stupid enemies and regenerating health
    Gearbox's Randy Pitchford is out for Brothers in Arms: Furious Four
    I hope it's better than the last one.
    Another approach to the WWII shooter?
    A shooter about a squad that enjoys killing and are good at it? How original.
    I see Brothers in Arms isn't even trying anymore
    Well, I have to hand it to them, it's a pretty different look at a WWII shooter... assuming you never saw Inglorious Basterds or wolfenstein
    Adventures of Tintin adventure game. Interesting choice
    10th anniversary of Ghost Recon
    Ghost Recon as 8 bit. I think that's all she wrote for that joke.
    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
    "You must play it to feel like the most badass soldier in a modern style game"... or play Crysis
    Still looks like it takes all the tactics out of the game
    Graphics seem to have worsened since last year
    Very SOCOM like, and I'm not a big SOCOM fan
    Four player co-op, heavy gun customization
    I bet the game is a bitch to play solo
    Ghost Recon Online for free. Not too shabby
    Old internet memes for a cheap laugh? Get off the stage, Priceman
    Planetmania LBP plus more. It's not my cup of tea, but looks nice
    Oh lord, Raving rabbits in Kinect. That's all we need
    Awesome beard, though.
    Wow, Kinect can do four players and it's not blowing up. Call me surprised
    And share the humiliation over Facebook
    November 8th release
    This running gag of 8 bit ideas again. Stop running it into the ground
    Just Dance 3 October 11 release
    Rocksmith: Rock Band with a real guitar
    We're back to edutainment games.
    "The game starts off easy and gets harder as you play"... who'da thunk it?
    October 2011 release.
    Your Shape 2012 Fitness game. Not much to say.
    Why do sequels to fitness and dance games need a trailer?
    At least this one was short
    I'm tired of that damn joke. Get off the stage, Priceman
    Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    Not my type of game, but it has a nice trailer
    A concluding chapter in the series? I don't believe that for a second.
    Combat looks clunky, but the flamethrower is pretty sweet.

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    Devil Mingy
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    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:14 pm



    Running late. That's a good sign
    Mass apology for PSN down time.
    Uncharted 3 Terrible water effect compared to Uncharted 1
    Good combat and great graphics otherwise
    Subway promotion for early multiplayer
    Huge plane level
    Resistance 3
    Where is the humor?
    St louis rebels
    Resistance 2's dumb AI is back
    Neat weapons, a return to form from R1, since R2 had one decent weapon
    Carrying power core through a level, unable to defend yourself or drop it, flashbacks to Brink
    3 minutes of R3? That was short
    God of War PSP HD 3D and ICO HD 3D collection September 2011
    Ultimate 3D solution
    Affordable 3D? $499 3DTV and glasses and cable
    MOVE, definitely more utilized than Kinect
    NBA 2K12 has MOVE support
    Miami vs LA... tough
    Kobe? really?
    Oct 4 release
    Medieval MOVEs, releasing Fall 2011
    Motion controlled inventory
    Controls seem tight, but lots of flailing
    Infamous 2, one day from launch
    Little Big Planet 2 MOVE update
    Starhawk, from the makers of HAWK
    Borderlands vibes
    Sly Cooper 4. total woot
    lookin good
    2012 release
    An Iceland volcano joke? Too soon, Peturrson.
    DUST. Console/PC crossover with EVE online
    Summer 2012 release
    Could be like Snowblind was to Deus ex
    Bioshock Infinite
    looks sweet
    MOVE support
    NGP Bioshock spinoff?
    Saints Row 3 exclusive PS3 mode
    Nov 15th release
    Co-op Star trek game
    EA unique relationship
    PS3 exclusive bonuses for SSX Mt fuji, NFS 7 additional cars, BF3 inc 1943
    NGP by good ole Kaz
    Too much irony in his words
    "Learned a lot from troubles with PSN" I hope so
    PS suite, PS for phones (droid and apple)
    Breaking boundaries
    NGP is now called PS Vita
    really? trying to outdo wii in naming stupidity?
    sixaxis function
    wifi and 3g (data plan needed for 3g)
    at&t for 3g
    friends list and private chat
    near: nearby player stat tracking
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    incredible graphics
    touch based melee and platforming
    painting edges platforming
    social action rpg vita-ps3 crossover Ruin
    Diablo clone
    Rivals are other players via PSN
    Requires no life to play, as everything happens in real time
    Modnation Racers vita
    More of the same, now with a touch screen
    touch panel alters terrain. nice
    Wipeout crossplay ps3-vita
    LBP vita
    Street Fighter vs Tekken vita

    very interesting
    Yoshi's on, and fairly illegible
    low battery life? lol
    Infamous' Cole in SF/Tekken
    PS3 version playable on floor
    montage of what we just saw
    Is there anything on Vita that isn't getting a PS3 port? Seems like a waste.
    PS Vita release for holiday 2011
    $249 only wi-fi, 3g for $299
    oh burn, Jack Tretton references E3 2006.

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    Devil Mingy

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    Post  Devil Mingy on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:26 pm



    Zelda retrospective montage
    Complete orchestra
    Skyward Sword
    Looks appropriately epic as usual
    25 anniversary of Zelda
    SHIGGY! What, no shield?
    Translator is having trouble keeping up
    Good ole Shiggy. You can tell he loves this
    One Zelda for each platform. Link's Awakening to Portable VC today
    Ocarina of Time 3D comes out next week, with boss rush mode and the Master Quest
    Four Swords for free on DSi this fall
    Skyward Sword this holiday season... We'll see about that
    Special Zelda Wii remote
    God, I love Miyamoto. I hope he never changes
    Zelda Anniversary Symphony Concert
    Zelda Ocarina of Time OSD to those who register at Club Nintendo
    Zelda 25th soundtrack to release with Skyward Sword
    Miyamoto brings out his Sith apprentices for the Zelda series
    Iwata comes out
    Wii/DS has changed gaming as we know it. No argument there
    Teasing about Project CAFE
    Deeper and wider... experiences that is
    Deeper experiences and wider appeal. That's a hard sell
    Release of Cafe next year?
    Reggie's out on stage
    3DS title upcoming
    Mario Kart 3D, with handgliders and submarine propellors? Coins on tracks again.
    More kart customization. Holiday 2011
    STAR FOX 64 3D OMFG! Online multiplayer. September 2011
    Super Mario 3D with Tanooki Mario. Boom boom is back. I'll be picking up a 3Ds by end of the year
    Kid Icarus Uprising Very cinematic. Looks damn good. Online multiplayer. Lots of narm.
    E-reader? Nah, couldn't be. Fall 2011 release
    Luigi's Mansion 2 Totally awesome. They've definitely improved the Poltergeist mechanics.
    He hears us. We want familarity and new. Comfortable and Surprise
    Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D, Mario and Sonic 2012, Ace Combat 3D, Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver 3D, Tekken 3D
    eShop update allows demo and trailers in addition to 3DS ware and 3D Portable virtual console
    Excitebike 3D for free on 3DS
    Pokedex 3DS for free. That speaks to the nerd in me.
    Wii/We dynamic mentioned. I bet CAFE is gonna be really weird
    Right for you? Yu?
    Project CAFE is called the Wii U. That is... bizarre
    New controller: an iPad with analog sticks, buttons, shoulder buttons, and triggers. 6.2" screen
    Can be used as a Tv display. It's very large. Will definitely take some getting used to
    Can be used for video chat. Can be used like the DS to have two screens of actions
    Wii U actually looks pretty damn awesome, but raises some questions.
    Iwata is there to answer. Backwards compatible with all Wii hardware.
    Wii meets DS meets classic controller
    I'm curious about its specs. Can it do more technically than the Wii?
    Sakurai: *laughs* Smash Brothers on Wii U and 3DS
    Tech demos playable on show floor
    Reggie shows off graphical capabilities. Looks amazing, but so did the 2005 PS3 demos
    Lego City Stories the only announced Wii U and 3DS. Will all portable systems be sharing games with the main console?
    Wii U praise from Moore, Yves, Levine, Spector
    Arkham City and AssCreed:Revelations on Wii U
    Demos look promising. Looks like it's definitely capable of graphics close to Xbox 360
    Metro... I take that back. This thing can definitely go toe to toe with the 360
    I hate to say it, but Nintendo may have found a way to have 2 consoles co-exist
    EA CEO Emperor Palpatine is back. Madden with touch screen
    Wii U better have a damn good hard drive. EA has DLC for every game.
    It'll be hard to imagine 4 platforms co-existing, but Ninty may pull it off

    Fatum Iustum Stultorum
    Only Blood...

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