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    Step 2: Exposure of the Council of 12

    Thanos of Halo
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    Step 2: Exposure of the Council of 12

    Post  Thanos of Halo on Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:01 pm

    I take what I desire, for I am THANOS. And right now I desire knowledge.
    I will give you a maps of sorts. The way to finding the evidence of the Council of 12., the data-pads, as they were found by my herald. Retrieve them for me. I require as many tablets as possible from as many universes as possible to complete this step.
    A very valuable asset known only as Devil Mingy, a being with great knowledge of this universe, has begun the deciphering of these "crumbs" as he calls it. His work can be found here.

    N6-P discovered the first 9 data-pads. The remaining 10 were discovered by N6-ARC-L. I suspect that all of the data-pads were being pushed into the universe designated "Legendary" by the Council as a means of preventing myself from claiming them. Foolish A.I.s, they are as flawed as their creators.

    Reading music:

    Data-pad #1 can be found after rally-point Alpha during Winter Contingency. Use the flatbed truck and follow the path until you can fight some straight or right. Choose right. You will then come to this intersection. Choose left:

    You will encounter some resistance in this settlement. After finishing of the local Covie, enter this door:

    Within the above structure, you will find data-pad #1:

    Sometimes a B.O.B. will be guarding the area.

    Data-pad #2 is found in the atrium on ONI: Sword Base:

    Located in the red-room across from where the Troopers are held up:

    You will find it here, laying under the stairs of the 2nd floor above the entrance to infrastructure. Often there is a B.O.B. fighting to #2:

    Data-pad #3 is cleverly hidden at the beginning of Nightfall. When you first begin, head right towards this cliff-structure:

    On the ground and to the left, camouflaged by some fine blades of green grass, data-pad #3 is a quick find:

    Data-pad #4 is your reward for eliminating Tip of the Spear's Zealot-objective. After you defeat him at this location, drop down the hole as normal to continue:

    When you get to the Plasma-Launcher at the bay doors:

    Turn around and find #4:

    Data-pad #5 finds itself in a rather nonchalant manner on Long Night of Solace:

    When entering the Sabre Control Room, observe the red station to the left:

    Up on this split-level deck and behind the control panels resides yet pad #5:

    Data-pad #6 is actually alluded to by the green arrows that direct you along the path to discovery during your Exodus. After rendezvousing with the Bullfrogs, you will make your through the gauntlet of Covenant:

    Pay attention to the green arrows, this is as far as you go:

    Up on the catwalk is pad #6:

    #7 is like a needle in a haystack on New Alexandria. To get to the building, fly north from the starting point:

    Notice the orbital-elevator:

    The building you seek is between the tall building on the left and the elevator on the right:

    Looking back on where you came from:

    #7 pad awaits here in front of the door:

    #8 is another pad that sometimes has a B.O.B. guarding it. During the Package you eventually make it back to Sword Base's atrium through the maintenance tunnels:

    Continue to Dr. Halsey's lab elevator door:

    Before entering the door, check your left and on the floor is #8:

    A B.O.B. sometimes resides near #9's location on the Piller of Autumn. After exiting the boneyard:

    Make your way through a hallway with many rooms with breakable glass:

    Breaking this glass will get you into the room you seek.

    Over on a shelf in this corner you will find data-pad #9:

    Data-pad #10 was an impressive find on Legendary Winter Contingency. As the Falcons sweep the landing site:

    A cloaked Sangheili attempted to flee with it:

    I suspect this was to be the next B.O.B. had it been successful in taking #10:

    Data-pad #11 is easily found on ONI: Sword Base, Legendary at the old Farragut Station:

    Proceed to the top of this roof:

    Sprint-jump across the broken bridge to the cliff:

    And continue straight until you find data-pad #11:

    Data-pad #12 requires a bit of basic platforming on Legendary Nightfall, just after you meet up with some survivors.

    At the 5th green light, start your ascent up the boulders.

    You will then need to make a well made sprint-jump across this gap.

    Continue up the left-side until you reach this rocky bridge you can just drop onto. Notice the pad on the right side by the tree?

    That's ok, here is #12, easily seen from the bridge.

    #13 is another data-pad that can be missed but lays in the open on Tip of the Spear, Legendary. When you get to the broken bridge, just as the 2nd Covenant AA-turret can be seen, get out of your vehicle:

    Atop of the middle-section you will find the 13th:

    Data-pad #14 is found on the Long of Solace, Legendary, in the Sabre Hangar. Sprint-jump across this gap:

    Then jump off the middle of the angle and into the "hole" up top:

    It is possible to sprint-jump across or normal-jump across to the air-duct:

    Follow the duct up to the #14:

    The 15th data-pad on Exodus, Legendary, is found just after you make your way up these steps:

    For this pad you must fly up the supports and to the air-vents:

    After 2 to 3 stops, you will find the pad here:

    Data-pad #16 is but one of the easiest finds on New Alexandria, Legendary. From the start, head towards the building directly behind you (south):

    Proceed downwards:

    On this tight ledge awaits the pad.

    Sacrifices must be made. Hop out, collect #16 and call for an evac:

    The only problem with data-pad #17 is the journey home on the Package, Legendary. Grab a jetpack:

    Head towards Turret-A:

    Continue past the turret:

    Onto the observation room:

    Cross the gap using the jetpack:

    #17 is located here on the ledge:

    Get back to safety by following the bridge above your head:

    On the Pillar of Autumn, Legendary, data-pad #18 is but a catwalk away from the decomposing ship:

    Head towards the vehicle garage along the roof:

    Around the corner above the garage and find #18:

    A quick run to the tube beyond the building you start in front of on Lone Wolf, Legendary, will net you the 19th data-pad:

    You can go either left or right around the building:

    Go up the ramp and past the Sniper Rifle:

    Hop across the poles and into the concrete tube rests the 19th and final data-pad:

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    Thanos of Halo
    Thanos of Halo

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    [codex update]

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    [codex complete]
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    Re: Step 2: Exposure of the Council of 12

    Post  Devil Mingy on Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:55 pm

    An excellent picture guide. Great work, Thanos.

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    Re: Step 2: Exposure of the Council of 12

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