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    12 Days of Bungie!


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    12 Days of Bungie! Empty 12 Days of Bungie!

    Post  DarkReign2021 on Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:18 pm

    Got bored at work today, so I decided to start running some ideas through my head for Halo-themed christmas songs, the easiest one to start with being The 12 Days of Christmas. (And being as it's such a long ass song, I'm not posting the full lyrics. I'll go down the list starting on the twelfth and final day.)

    On the 12th day of Christmas, Bungie gave to us:

    Twelve Jackals sniping
    Eleven Grunts are fleeing
    Ten Banahee's screaming
    Nine new Campaign levels
    Eight-man multiplayer
    World Domination
    Six Noble Spartans
    4 MAC Stations
    3 Zealots
    2 Plazzie Nades
    Abd a brand new copy of Halo: Reach!

    If you have any better suggestions for any of the lines, feel free to make a suggestion. It needs to fit in with the melody of the original song, but that's usually easily worked around.

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