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    Post  DarkReign2021 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:41 pm

    I know I posted this a little (okay, Really) late but I thought I would just toss it up for any of you guys who're fast writers and might be interested in giving this a shot:

    There is no doubt that Bungie's lastest installment in the Halo franchise, has been one of their greatest games ever developed. They have poured a lot of time and effort to bring its community the best they can offer for their last Halo related game. They have made a brilliant multiplayer, expanded Firefright, and has unleashed the full potential of Forge. However, the most intriguing aspect of the game is its campaign.

    The story revolves around Noble Team and their newest addition, Noble Six, the player, and their struggle to defend Reach against the Covenant juggernaut. Not much is known about Noble Six other than him being "curious," "hyper-lethal," and sort of a "lone wolf" combatant. His record is covered in black ink.

    Bungie has made a subtle, yet extremely significant, decision to make the player Noble Six; allowing them to shape him or her however they see fit. Bungie has done this by making the player's armor customization of Noble Six to persist in and out of campaign. The player truly is Noble Six.

    We know what happens to Noble Six during the battle of Reach, but we know nothing about him or her before joining Noble team. Black Ink is a short story fanfiction contest that will allow us shape our Noble Six even further.

    Black Ink

    The contest comes in two parts: filling out Noble Six's classified record, and writing a short story about a certain event/battle that Noble Six was involved in prior to joining Noble Team. The event or battle does not need to have any relation to the books regarding Spartan IIIs. Do not let existing Halo Universe canon, especially those who have not read the books, limit your Noble Six. Simply let your imagination run wild. Keep in mind that these events/battles need to take place before joining Noble team; show us why your Spartan was the perfect candidate for Noble Six.

    I'm done with the File and I'm about half-way done with my short story. Fortunately the world limit is set really low (no more than 2500 words) so anybody could jump in and have this done and submitted in a few hours easy. Just be sure to read the rules before you start. Everything it at the link I provided.

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